The Future of Liquid Cooling

The future of desktop liquid cooling has arrived. Introducing the revolutionary CPU and GPU full-sized desktop liquid cooling that can cool down even the most intensely-performing gaming device. Its modern aesthetics are as astonishing as its comprehensive features.

Limitless Features

The unmatched performance of the Vice comes from the innovation of 3rd Generation AMD® Ryzen Zen 2 desktop processors and the high-end graphics offered by AMD Radeon™ and NVIDIA GeForce. The limitless features you deserve range from 64GB of premium DDR4 3600MHz RAM, to the newest ultra-fast PCIe® Gen4 NVMe SSDs, and USB connectivity speed at its peak.

Soundless Perfection

The Vice’s increased airflow created an almost soundless operation while incorporating natural thermodynamics that dissipates heat efficiently. With the upward direction of airflow and a custom dynamic fan controller, Meta PC’s Vice performs efficiently without any noise.