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Endpoint Antivirus

Replace Your Antivirus

Our endpoint protection stops malware, ransomware and threats that leverage
unknown (zero day) vulnerabilities using an easy-to-manage Cloud-based
console and a lightweight agent that doesn’t interfere with performance
of the endpoints.

Key Features

Endpoint protection against malware, ransomware and latest threats

Web filtering and activity monitoring

Detailed, real-time security monitoring
and reporting

Lightweight agent and easy-to-use
Cloud-based console

Malware “freezer” to isolate and
paralyze detected malware

Extend security by adding patch
management and encryption without
a new deployment

Panda Endpoint Protection

This effective, Cloud-native security solution for desktops, laptops and servers centrally manages the security of endpoints, both inside and outside the corporate network. Our Endpoint Protection (EPP) technologies prevent infections by utilizing our Collective Intelligence, the consolidated and incremental knowledge repository of all applications, binaries and other files, both trusted and malicious. At the same time, it analyzes endpoint behaviors to detect and block both known and unknown malware, ransomware, trojans and phishing attacks, and our threat intelligence and machine-learning algorithms provide faster detection. The lightweight agent deployes easily, simplifying security management and increasing operational efficiency.

“Endpoint Protection is a ‘perfect fit’ for RDSGlobal as all updates are automatic with no need for support team intervention. This means that we can focus on our core business of providing the highest levels of support and service to our customers.”
Rob Kay, IT Manager, RDS-Global