The more attention and care you give your computer, the better it will treat you and serve your demands. If you’ve ever

lost vital files due to a hard drive crash, spent a lot of time eliminating a nasty virus, or fried a CPU because you didn’t clean the fan, you understand the importance of computer maintenance. Basic software and hardware maintenance is simple to do and will help your computer last longer. The care and attention we’re talking about is how to keep your PC working like it did the day you built or bought it. Computers decrease in performance over time for a variety of reasons. The few minutes you skipped on desktop/laptop maintenance could turn into hours of wasted time in the future. To avoid this, consider the computer maintenance activities you should perform on a regular basis to boost your PC’s performance.

Keep it dust-free

Everything starts from physical maintenance. Dust will find its way into your PC, just like it will into any machine with vents. Dust bunnies that accumulate over time are harmful to your computer. They obstruct airflow and can damage moving elements, such as the fans’ motors. Dust on your computer is unsightly, and it traps heat, lowering its efficiency and durability. You may remove the dust by opening the case and blowing it out. Furthermore, wipe the case with a damp cloth. Don’t forget the monitor when setting up a desktop.

Air out your PC

Give a couple bursts of compressed air to various nooks and crannies surrounding the motherboard, as well as the fan/heatsink combination on your CPU and GPU, while you’re inside your PC. Keep the pressurized air upright; if you turn it sideways or upside down, the contents inside will turn to liquid. Also, machines need to breathe. As a result, don’t block the vent, which is designed to keep your computer cold enough to function correctly. For laptops, Every few weeks, a few blasts of compressed air through the vents (while the system is turned off) and on the keyboard will keep dirt and dust (and Pizza Pocket remains) at bay.

Wrangle Those Wires

A disorganized PC with cables strewn about might obstruct airflow and cause components to overheat. Even if your PC isn’t overheating to the point of failure, it can nevertheless suffer from poor performance. There will be improved ventilation within your computer case if your connections are neatly tucked away. This reduces the temperature inside your case, extending the overall life of your gear. If your case has cable management cutouts, use these to route cables as much as possible below the motherboard tray. Zip ties can also be used to bundle wires and secure them to the edge of your case or other spots where they won’t hinder airflow.

Driver updates are essential

A software driver controls your graphics card, audio hardware, Ethernet, chipset, and everything else that makes your PC work, and keeping track of them all might be difficult. Some components and accompanying tools, such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software, notify you when a driver update is available, but this isn’t always the case.

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