The video game business has fared much better in the face of the pandemic. Most video game developers, publishers, and operators have been able to keep operations running with personnel working from home to support game development and digital releases, while certain productivity challenges have arisen while movement control orders have continued. When people were unable to attend concerts, bars, or athletic events, gaming became an accessible source of entertainment for those who were confined to their homes. The question is, will the industry be able to maintain its newfound achievements as countries look for ways to remove stay-at-home laws and reopen businesses? It’s a must that we get a closer look at how the pandemic made drastic changes to the gaming community both positively and negatively.

In the aftermath of the epidemic, the video game industry’s giants have flourished

According to NPD, video game sales in March were $1.6 billion, showing a 35% rise year over year. Though it is believed that after the world’s covid-19 problem is over, core gamers will reduce their pandemic-level gameplay, the industry’s long-term value comes from gaining new followers. Additionally, according to Streamlabs, sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming have all seen significant growth, with about a 20% rise in user hours observed across all services.

Obstacles, setbacks, and compromises

On the downside, the epidemic has resulted in numerous game delays. Many titles have had their release dates pushed back, and we anticipate additional delays. We will still be feeling the consequences of the epidemic years after the worst of it has passed. The Washington Times has reported that According to Anna Donlon, an executive producer for the Riot Games, the pandemic has “compromised” the game’s initial release date.

Long-term transformation

Looking ahead, there are numerous conclusions from the current surge in gaming that point to future industry shifts. The increased interest in gaming may hasten a change toward game delivery via mobile and cloud-based systems, which is already underway. Even blockbuster movies are increasingly available on mobile devices. Cloud gaming, on the other hand, allows users to play games that are streamed across several devices without the need for pricey gear.

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