Top Tips In Keeping Your Personal Computer More Secured

Your personal computer is like an extension of you. With the amount of personal data you store in it, you desire to secure it like your own home. With everyone using their personal computers on a regular basis, whether for work or gaming, one thing is being at risk. The security of our personal computers is being vulnerable to cybercriminals and hackers. It has the ability to impact any device running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or a smartphone equivalent. The problem here is that the available information to make our computers more secure is too complicated to understand. So to make things clearer, we listed down top tips in keeping your personal computers safe and secured all the time.

Is internet connectivity necessary?

For most people, it is, definitely. But if possible that you can somehow have time to disconnect to your router from time to time, it would be better. If you could turn off your routers, much better. Hackers tend to target internet connections that are often “on”. It would be better to connect to the internet at intervals so you’ll become less visible to them. But since people often need to be connected to the internet, you must secure your internet connection at its point of entry, which is normally your router.

Make sure there’s a decent firewall for your PC

A firewall is a network security system that tracks network traffic both inbound and outbound. Depending on a set of security rules, it allows or blocks data packets. Its aim is to create a firewall between your internal network and traffic coming in from outside sources. Most personal computers nowadays have built-in firewalls, both for Windows and Mac OS. To see if your computer has a built-in firewall, go to the security settings feature. Switch on the firewall if it is available. For the most part, default settings are satisfactory.

Check your router’s firewall

When you sign up for internet service, most providers provide a free router and modem. What you have to do is immediately check if your router has one. For tech-savvy, you can also update the firmware on several routers using different programs. This is for you to boost the security and other features of your router.

Acquire anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a must for every personal computer. Most people believe that software companies who produce anti-virus software are the virus generators themselves too. Though there is no factual evidence to support this claim, anti-virus software is a must for every computer owner. No need to spend a lot on it either. It may cause a little slow down for your PC, but I believe it is a small sacrifice to avoid being infected with a virus.

Have a strong password

It is truly hard to trust each and every website that asks for your password. The fact that users aren’t aware of how and where these websites store this information is enough for you to be suspicious. The best thing to do is to have different passwords for all the sites you’ve been visiting. You can also use a password manager. This secures all of your passwords so you never have to type them on your device or store them in an insecure location.

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